Residential On-site & Decentralised Wastewater Systems

Do you live out of town, have a failing septic system, or considering building a house not connected to the municipal sewer network?

Choosing to use a reedbed or constructed wetland to treat your wastewater at home provides a natural, chemical free and low energy solution plus the opportunity to reuse the cleaned water on trees and lawn. We have several solutions in our product range, ranging from simple off-the-grid systems that do not require electricity to highly energy efficient systems providing advanced nutrient removal and disinfection for difficult or sensitive sites.

Are you a property developer looking to optimise your lot sizes by providing one decentralised wastewater management solution rather than single lot systems? We specialise in community scale wastewater management systems for clusters of houses, rural sub-divisions and villages.

No matter how big or small your property is, we can tailor design a wastewater treatment system to suit your needs and meet local regulations. Our systems can treat grey and black water and are able to utilise treated wastewater on vegetation such as fruit trees, lawns or landscaped garden areas.

We can also incorporate your constructed wetland into an attractive landscaped yard with the assistance of our landscape partner.

We provide a full range of services around the design and installation of residential constructed wetlands from approval with local council to construction and ongoing maintenance. We also have experience with waterless composting toilets and other eco-sanitation solutions and have worked extensively in developing countries and remote communities.


  • Design and construction of residential constructed wetlands (reedbeds)

  • Upgrading of non-compliant septic systems

  • Site and soil assessment for onsite and decentralised wastewater systems

  • Decentralised solutions for rural subdivisions

  • Council approval for the installation of an onsite system

  • Waterless composting toilets with greywater reed beds

  • Appropriate sanitation for developing countries and remote communities

  • Maintenance and refurbishment services for existing constructed wetlands

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Training for onsite system maintenance

Why Choose WET Systems?


We are an Australian business working throughout Australasia and further afield. Where possible, we support other local businesses and provide volunteer services to local groups in order to build a strong community.


WET Systems has over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of constructed wetlands. We have worked across all states in Australia as well as the Middle East and Europe. We provide Australia’s most experienced constructed wetland design service coupled with excellent standards and honesty.


We work closely with our clients to create, design and implement treatment systems to meet their specific needs. We greatly value client input through all stages of the project and aim to grow strong, trusting relationships in order to create the best outcome.

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