Education & Capacity Development

WETS can deliver environmental education and behaviour change programs for water-related and other environmental endeavours. With our experience in capacity development and training, we can develop a strategy to suit your needs, ranging from water and sanitation (WATSAN) capacity building programs for low-income communities, to awareness raising campaigns for waste management programs or post-graduate training courses on constructed wetlands.

Josephine O’Brien has a background in environmental resource management, with a Masters in environmental education, and has a vast experience in capacity development, behaviour change and community education programs for improving the way people interact with water, waste and other environmental resources in Australia, Mongolia, Oman and New Zealand. She has worked with schools and community groups to develop interactive and educational gardens to instil people with a fundamental experience of growing food and connecting with nature that can permeate through their daily lives.

If you want to develop an interactive vegetable garden for your school (or pre-school) or would like to improve the educational values of your community garden, then we can help.

We can provide expert training on constructed wetlands or provide a capacity development or educational program to improve the effectiveness of your sanitation project or waste minimisation program.


  • Development of education, capacity building and behaviour change programs

  • Expert training courses on constructed wetlands

  • Design and establishment of interactive educational community and school gardens

  • Waste minimisation educational programs

  • WATSAN community engagement and capacity development

Why Choose WET Systems?


We are an Australian business working throughout Australasia and further afield. Where possible, we support other local businesses and provide volunteer services to local groups in order to build a strong community.


WET Systems has over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of constructed wetlands. We have worked across all states in Australia as well as the Middle East and Europe. We provide Australia’s most experienced constructed wetland design service coupled with excellent standards and honesty.


We work closely with our clients to create, design and implement treatment systems to meet their specific needs. We greatly value client input through all stages of the project and aim to grow strong, trusting relationships in order to create the best outcome.

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